What happens when the lady of the household goes on a vacation leaving the husband in charge of the household? And, what happens when there are young children under his care? Here is what might happen.

1. The early morning rush is a good source of adrenaline when daddy dearest tries to get the children ready for school. There will be lots of burnt toasts and spilled milk before the mad dash to the school bus stop.



2. Lots of TV watching. Expect to see all the kids lined up in front of the TV purely for entertainment purposes.



3. Umpteen phone calls to the mommy while daddy tries to figure out the smaller details of running the household.



4.  Overflowing used dishes in the kitchen sink and dirty clothes in the laundry hamper. Doing dishes is for the wimpies and the same goes for laundry too.



5. Lots of take-out meals. The local pizza delivery joint will be on speed-dial and the kids love the Chinese take-out that mommy doesn’t allow inside the house.  



It will be a classic case of when the cat is away, the mice will play. The kids definitely will love the fun time with their dad. And let’s admit it, isn’t it the kind of experiences we grew up on?