There comes a phase when your preschooler will ask the magic question for anything and everything- WHY? This is the phase when the parents should grin and bear it because you have no choice other than that! Here are 5 moments when your kids may have stumped you with questions.


1. You say your name is ‘XYZ’ and they ask you why?! Do you really know why your name is ‘XYZ’?

This is the first question that tells you that your kid is just getting started with the questions. Brace yourself, because more silly questions are coming.



2. You had a glorious day out at the zoo and your child had the best fun ever. You tell you her what a fun day that was… and, they reply with a “WHY?!”



3. You tell them to brush their teeth before going to bed and they ask you “Why?!”



4. Have you tried to explain the phenomenon of physics to your child and failed? Why can’t I see the air? Why? Mommy, why??



5. Why can’t I stay up late just like you? How do you convince a child to go to sleep when they counter all your logical explanations with a simple ‘WHY?”



When you are at your wit’s end and getting tired of answering their “WHYs”, remember to take a deep breath and mutter to yourself that ‘This too shall pass!’, or even better, turn the tables on them and ask them sweetly, “why do you think it is so?!” and enjoy while they fumble and give you the cutest explanation for whatever their question was.