My daughter has just celebrated her first birthday, and it got me thinking how fast the year has gone by. At this rate, she’ll be 20 in the blink of an eye! It also got me wondering what sort of person she will turn out to be when she grows up. As a mom, I hope that I would be able to teach her things that would keep her happy and well equipped on the long journey of life. Here’s a little note with some life lessons I would like to share.




1.    Challenges Make You Stronger 



You may come across many situations in life that seem trying. Hang in there and keep your head above the water. Although the problem may seem huge when you are in the midst of it, remember, this too shall pass. When it’s all over you will emerge a stronger person, better equipped to face the world.


2.    Take Responsibility For Your Actions



If you have messed up something, own up, apologize, and work towards fixing the situation.  It’s always important to be true to yourself and not shy away from facing the consequences of your actions. It will eliminate the guilt factor from your life and make you a more self-assured individual in the long run.


3.    Have Faith In Yourself 



Don’t let your self esteem be dependent on other people and their actions. Be your own person and believe in your capabilities. Don’t let anybody belittle you or make you feel inferior in anyway. Your happiness is dependent on what you think.


4.    Be Joyful



Choose to be happy and thankful for all that you have, rather than cribbing about what you don’t have. Accept what you cannot control and don’t let it bother you. Do whatever you do with a smile and learn to take pleasure in it. Enjoy the smaller pleasures of life; be it humming a happy tune as you go about your daily chores or savouring your favourite snack at the end of a hard day. Life is too short to let it go waste by worrying unnecessarily or crying over something you can’t alter.



5.    Learning Is A Lifelong Journey 



You never stop learning, no matter how old you grow. It’s not that learning comes only from elders or those with more knowledge. You can learn from a range of things in life; from your own experiences, the experiences of those around you, nature, or even a little child. All it takes is a little sensitivity and patience. Try and retain your child-like innocence and be open to absorbing new things, new experiences and new lessons from life everyday. You are never too big to learn.


All said and done, Que Sera Sera. Whatever happens, I love you, and I will do the best I can for you, in the best way I know how.