The weather in metropolises is notorious for being unfriendly to children - what with the pollen, pollution, and frequent flu seasons. It’s October now, and yet there’s Dengue everywhere. Runny noses, sniffles, tears, and fever are the stuff of parents’ nightmares. Child health care experts recommend these tips to combat the effects of climatic changes:

1. Sunshine

The happy golden yellow rays of old Sol have magical protective powers. Let your child absorb the morning rays as much as possible. The body makes it own Vitamin D in response to the sunshine which, in turn, boosts immunity in growing children. Open the windows whenever the sun shines as it purifies surroundings, and dry the washing under the sun as it kills microbes.

2. Hygiene

Basic cleanliness always goes a long way towards avoiding illnesses. Inculcate the habit of washing hands often. Just clean water will suffice; antibacterial soaps are not needed each time. Good habits like covering the mouth while sneezing, not sharing water bottles, spoons, handkerchiefs, and towels, etc. are to be followed strictly.

3. Appropriate Clothing

Dress your kid in layers in response to the ever-changing mood of the weather. A jacket in the morning will keep the child warm during the bus ride to school, and can be removed later when the day temperatures rise. Keep a pair of socks and a scarf ready in your bag at all times to keep the little one warm.

4. Keep Stress And Anxiety At Bay

Kids too suffer from emotional turmoils, and what’s worse, they are unable to express it, except by being cranky. This leads to a drop in resistance power and unexplained aches and pains. The solution is to give them lots of love and attention. Talk to them and listen to what they have to tell you. A secure, well-adjusted child has a sunny disposition and a healthy body.

5. Diet

Food plays the most important role in building and maintaining a disease-free body. Curds are rich in probiotics and packed with calcium, and can be eaten daily with meals or as a snack, or else, sipped as buttermilk. Seasonal, fresh, locally grown fruits are always the answer to most ailments. These do a better job of providing vitamins as opposed to imported, exotic fruits as they have been picked recently and are exactly what we need during the season. So, give your kids custard apples, chinos, and papayas when they appear in the markets. Excessive consumption of white sugar reduces the body’s germ-fighting ability, so make sure kids don’t overdo the sweets. Instead, use pure honey and jaggery as sweeteners. Reduce intake of packaged snacks and frozen foods. These are laden with chemical taste enhancers and preservatives and do not do any favours for your child’s health.


When fighting climate-related infections, it is always best to go back to the basics and build immunity first. Try these tips out and let us know what you think!