Believe it or not, we are barely at the beginning of the year and yet the dog days don’t seem to be far away. Global warming has indeed made a difference to our climatic patterns. As the temperature soars, you must be on the look out for fun activities to keep your kids occupied indoors. We’ve made your life simpler and put together a list of things to do on muggy afternoons.


Books, no matter what their content, are full of information and help fuel your child's imagination. It is a habit that can be a life long companion and help beat stress and boredom at any time, at any place. Become a member of the local library and let your children pick books of their choice. Many libraries have facilities that allow you to place the order for books online and have them home delivered. Make use of these to make life even simpler. Find cozy reading nooks in the house and you’re set!


Pull out all the board games that have been collecting dust in your cupboard. Be it Pictionary, or Scrabble or Monopoly, sit down with the family at the dining table with the family and play on. You could also invite their friends from the neighbourhood over to make it more fun. Another option would be to give Sudoku or Crosswords a shot if they are interested.

Movie marathon

So your children are not the type to play board games, then how about a movie marathon? There must be a long list of movies that the family has been wanting to watch but never go around to, thanks to exams and busy schedules. This is the ideal opportunity to rent them or download of net and watch. So draw the blinds, and settle down on the couch. P.S. Don’t forget the popcorn.

Go Artsy Craftsy

Here’s an idea for a child with a creative bend. The kids can make puppets with paper-mache, old socks or even bits of cloth. Else they could dig through old pictures and make a collage, or make a mural or a scrapbook with memorabilia collected over the years. Or how about colouring? If you thought colouring was something kindergarten kids did think again. The adult colouring is catching up in a big way and most stores stock a varied range of books.


Whoever said cooking was boring. Help your children whip up tasty summer treats – from ice lollies to kulfi or even ice cream in a bag! There are numerous tutorials online that are really easy to follow and get kids interested in entering the kitchen. This basic interest will encourage them to learn more and master the art of cooking. So bring out the chefs hats and aprons!


At the end of it, your children will never again dread sultry days where they cannot go out to play and instead look forward to them! Share your ideas as well in the comments section below.