Kids learning a new language is the cutest, most fulfilling thing in the world. If your kid has been speaking the native language at home, you’ll find that they pick up English within months of joining school. Some of these things said by early English speakers are so funny, they’ll have you clutching your sides with laughter!

1. They converse very fluently, in complete gibberish



2. They come up with entirely new sentences. “Behave, honey!” “Yes, I am being haved.” And this actually happened.



3. Asking for a fork never comes out sounding innocent from a kid’s mouth. Don’t believe us? Try teaching your kid the word ‘fork.’ Don’t say we didn’t warn ya!



4. They jumble words up. This is just adorable, and funny!



“Look mommy, I have spare feet. When they wanted to say ‘bare’.



5. They get a lot of words wrong, and we find it so funny we wouldn’t ever dream of correcting them!


Let’s admit it- one of the great things about parenting is that you get to laugh a lot. Why’d you correct them and take that away? :)


Do you happen to have such moments with your kids, share with us in the comment section below :)