With Diwali approaching rapidly, your family is sure to be eagerly looking forward to all the festivities and fun. But have you ever given a thought to how the actual significance of the festival has been almost completely forgotten over time?

How about going in for a different kind of Diwali this year, by getting back to the basics and being more thoughtful and considerate towards other people and our environment?

1.  Bang! Bang! Bang!

The festival of lights was never intended to be associated with loud sounds. These days crackers with sound levels over 125 decibels are easily available in the market. Those who have, at some point, had elderly people, infants or pets at home will definitely understand how badly it can affect them. Also, bursting crackers at odd hours, be it in the wee hours of the morning or late in the night is a horrible thing to do. It makes you a public nuisance and should be avoided. Let’s make it a point to be more sensitive towards others.

2.  Light Up The World With Joy

The spectacular fireworks that light up the sky in many different colours and patterns might make our jaws drop in awe, but they have their drawbacks too. They emit a lot of smoke and fumes which are harmful for those suffering from chronic respiratory ailments. Further, these cases filled with gun powder cost a fortune and the joy they bring lasts just a few minutes. Why not cut back on the fireworks, and donate the money saved to a good cause instead, and make the happiness last longer?

3.  Swachh Bharat

If you have walked streets of your neighbourhood post-Diwali, you are sure to have noticed layers of shredded paper from fireworks and crackers littering every surface in sight. Go eco friendly and cut down on the fireworks.

Another measure in this direction would be to decorate your home with earthen lamps that can be reused every year. They look beautiful and give you the satisfaction of doing your bit for the environment.

4.  Sweet Tooth

No celebration across the world is complete without sweets. Around the festive season is when we give and receive huge quantities of sweets. We gorge on humungous amounts of calories on the pretext of consuming the goodies before they go bad. This year, why not share dry fruits and nuts instead? Apart from being good for health, they also have a longer shelf life. It’s bound to be appreciated as a more thoughtful gift.

5.  Diwali Mela

Drag the kids away from the television and computer games and get them to spend their time more productively. They could make small crafts and food items drawing inspiration from our previous blog. On the weekend before Diwali, they could get together with other children in the neighborhood and have a Diwali Mela to sell these items. The proceeds from this mela can be used to buy gifts for underprivileged children who do not get a chance to celebrate festivals. This activity will help nurture their entrepreneurial skills and also make them more sensitized and responsible citizens of society.

Make a start and set an example for the children to follow. Being a responsible citizen this festive season will not only bring you joy but also warm your heart. Play your part towards paving the way for a better tomorrow.

Happy Diwali! #DiwaliBurn