Everyone loves music, and everyone loves playing musical instruments- whether they can play or not! Kids, for one, enjoy playing drums more than anything. They might play off-beat, but they enjoy it like no one else! Here are a few DIY drums that you can make at home for your Musical Kid. Your kid can help you make them too, and decorate it as they like.

1. From Pringles cans


How to make-

  • Collect about 10-12 empty Pringles cans, and cover them with coloured paper.

  • Glue them together in groups, and cover them with cellophane sheet.

  • Use embroidery hoops and glue to keep the arrangement in place.


2. Using empty tin cans

How to make-

  • Take an empty tin can, and punch holes around the top and the bottom.

  • Take a thin rope, and thread it through the holes in the can, and tie a knot at the end.

  • Cover the can with craft paper, and decorate it your way.


3. Using balloons

  • Take unused soup cans and remove the bottoms.

  • Cut the end off few rubber balloons and wrap them tightly over the top of the containers.

  • Join the cans together, and decorate them as well as you can.


4. Using wax paper

How to make-

  • Take any container, and remove its lid.

  • Decorate the exterior of the container using craft sheets and glue.

  • Trace a circle from the lid of the on wax paper, and cut out the paper in a wider circle, roughly 6 inches larger in radius.

  • Take the circle cut out from the wax paper, and tie it to your drum using elastic bands.


5. Using cardboard rolls

How to make-

  • Collect cardboard rolls of different sizes.

  • Take a roll of packing tape, and use it to cover the entire top of the cardboard rolls.

  • Make sure there are no empty spaces left while covering the top of the can.

  • You can decorate the drum the way you like!


These DIY drums are super easy, and fun to make. Don’t forget to make creative drumsticks along with these, and play all day long once you’re done!