Studies say that children appreciate music even when still inside their mothers’ womb. Some babies retain this special liking through their growing years and cultivate it into a talent. An interest in music does not  mean active singing alone - there are many other avenues to pursue your dreams by giving your musical talent a free rein.

Here are a few options:

1.  Becoming A Singer

This is the first and the most obvious choice for a child who loves music. We all have sung along with songs being played on television.  However, for a truly talented child, a career in singing involves rigorous training in vocals music, voice modulation, speech, and pronunciation, etc. Playback singing for actors, a lending voice for advertisement jingles, singles, records, and albums are some options before singers today. Many music institutes and teachers train students for the competitive world of singing out there.

2. Playing A Musical Instrument

For a musically inclined child there is usually a  particular instrument that comes naturally to her, more than any other, and she may choose to master it. It could be a classical instrument like the tabla or the flute, or maybe  a contemporary one like the drums, guitars synthesizer  etc. Instrument players are  much in demand in bands and orchestras. Even solo concerts of the masters are conducted to sold-out venues the world over.

3. Music Direction/Composing

An exceptionally talented child might grow up to be a composer. In fact, even some very young people like Anirudh Ravichander are famous all over the world as composers. Almost all music directors have  been child prodigies themselves and are endowed with the ability to come up with a melody to suit an emotion or a scene. Your child’s music instructor would be a good person to judge whether your child has that ability.

4. Arranging/Remixing

Deciding which musical instruments must be played and in what sequence for each song or scene requires much technical and musical skill. At times, a whole orchestra or a band is required. Old but popular music is often remixed to make it presentable to the newer generations. If your musical child also has the creativity gene in generous measure, this could be another highly satisfying career avenue.

5. Disc Jockeying/Electronic Dance Music

DJs and EDM experts know how to seamlessly combine the most energetic, foot-tapping tracks to keep the club on its feet. They also rouse the crowd and keep them entertained. DJs who can identify the pulse and beat of dance party lovers are a highly paid lot. Think DJ Aqueel, Nikhil Chinappa or the world renowned DJ Tiesto. A great career option for a musical child who is also a people person and a gifted communicator.

And here we’ve even shortlisted some great places where your kid can start her musical journey. Gone are the days when unconventional career choices were frowned upon. The advantage of being born in today’s times is that our kids can choose to do whatever they love doing in their lives, and still make it big in the success department.