Chhota Bheem is one of the most famous cartoon characters with Indian kids and has a huge fan following among them.


People of all age groups love Chhota Bheem because the cartoon fills them up with excitement. It’s so much fun watching Chhota Bheem with his gang of friends like Raju, Chotu and Chutki that it has become a household name today.


There’s a lot that kids can learn from this legendary character of Chhota Bheem.



1. Being Helpful and Kind

Chhota Bheem is the hero of the fictional village of Dholakpur who is helpful to the village inhabitants and acts as a one-man army of Dholakpur, protecting it from enemies and robbers. He is the mighty saviour of the city and restores peace and harmony. Kids too can learn the virtues of helpfulness and kindness from this legendary iconic character.


2.Being Honest and Righteous

Bheem has a very positive character and in every situation that he encounters, he is able to defeat evil and dishonest people. Each show ends with a moral. This sends a very strong message to all the kids about the importance of being righteous and honesty.



3.Utilising One’s Resources

Though Kalia is older and stronger than Bheem, yet he loses to him because of his bad intentions of harming others. Bheem, on the other hand, makes use of all his resources for the good of the people because of which he is always successful.



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4.Staying Calm and Alert

Due to Bheem’s nature of being calm and alert, he is able to focus his attention to the slightest noise of forthcoming dangers and is able to act on them within time. Similarly, kids should stay calm when faced with difficult situations and are alert about the opportunities coming their way.



5.Being Confident and Never Losing Focus

Bheem displays exemplary confidence in his own abilities to fight the evil and always emerges a winner. Confidence is the mantra to achieve greater heights. This is an important lesson for kids who too should be confident of their abilities and be focussed towards achieving their aim.


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