A dad is every child’s first superhero. But what happens when Dad is larger than life? Yes, we’re talking about celebrity dads, with the difference, that these are not your typical celebrity dads. The fathers we are talking about are not just famous dads, but dads whose kids play an important role in their lives. Read on and see how these dads do it all.


1.  Will Smith 

Looking at the actor’s role in the TV series ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel Air’, it’s hard to imagine him as a father. Will Smith, however, has matured into his role as a family man with élan. His bond with his son Jaden is brought to the fore in his top-of-the-chart music video, ‘Just The Two Of Us’, and blockbuster movie, ‘Pursuit Of Happiness’, where his little one appears alongside.

2.  David Beckham 

One of UK’s biggest celebrities, David Beckham is not just a soccer star and model. He and his ex-pop star, fashionista wife are parents to four children. Although the kids are forever under the media glare, Beckham says that he has tried to give his children freedom to do what they want, and have a normal life, as far as possible. This dad even has the names of his children tattooed on his back. Talk about a lifetime commitment!

3.  Shah Rukh Khan 

He might have ruled Bollywood for over two decades, but he will surely rule his children’s hearts for a lifetime. This celeb dad completely dotes on his three kids and was present even during their birth. They say he even made the movie RaOne for his children who are huge fans of science fiction. His kids are always seen cheering by his side during the T20 matches. Being a dad seems to be the best job he has.

4.  Mahesh Bhupathi

This tennis champ of India was one of the most eligible bachelors in the country. Post marriage and fatherhood, though, the caring father in him has taken over completely. He might not have been present for his daughter’s birth as he was away playing the French Open, but his win was dedicated to her. He has, however, more than made up for his absence during the first few days of her birth by babysitting, as often as possible.

5.  Ajay Devgan

This top actor simply loves spending time with his two children. Nysa and Yug often accompany him to film sets and he is said to be a loving father. His wife Kajol admitted on a Television show that he is, any day, a better father than a husband. During a family holiday, when he wasn’t able to go along, he reportedly asked Kajol to send the kids back home as he was missing them too much!

Managing stardom and a family is not easy. Hats off to these dads, who have managed their perfect looks, perfect physique, and are seemingly perfect fathers. They are, indeed, role models for fathers across the world!