Our body is amazing! It performs so many functions like a machine. It never stops performing, even when we are sleeping. Here are some activities that can help you understand a little bit about our bodies.



1. Make a Model Brain with Playdough


Use different colored playdough to make a brain model so it is easier to differentiate the parts. The brain is an important part of our body that helps us stay alive by sending messages to organs, muscles, nerves, etc, to perform certain functions such as walking and breathing.


Brain Clay Model


The brain is divided into 6 main parts:


1. Frontal lobe - Controls reasoning, speech and movement, emotions and problem-solving skills.

2. Parietal lobe - Controls our senses such as pain, touch, temperature.

3. Occipital lobe - Controls our eyesight.

4. Temporal lobe - Recognition of memory and hearing.

5. Cerebellum - Controls and coordinates our muscles’ movements.

6. Brainstem (not shown) - In charge of sending messages to the body.


2. Tennis Ball Heart

Heart is a pump that pushes blood all over the body through blood vessels. We need the blood delivered because it carries oxygen, nutrients and more that our organs and tissues need to function properly. Ask an adult to drill a hole in a tennis or Cosco ball and dunk it in a bucket full of water. Once the ball is filled with water, squeeze it to release the water. Then allow the ball to regain shape.


Tennis Ball Heart style=

This is how your heart works, blood enters and is pushed out into the body. Place your palm on your chest and quietly listen, you will be able to feel your heart pumping.


3. Make a Stethoscope


You must have seen a stethoscope when you go to a doctor. It is used to listen to a person’s heartbeat, blood flow, lungs. You can make your own stethoscope with simple steps!


Things you will need:


. Kitchen roll tune

?. Small Funnel

. Duct Tape

. Scissors




1. Try using just the tube by placing it on a friend’s chest and listen carefully. Can you hear their heart beating?

2. Next, tape the funnel into one end of the kitchen roll and listen to your friend’s chest again, does it sound clearer?Make a Stethoscope


4. Make a Fake Lung


Lungs are among the hardest working organs in the body. They supply us with oxygen to our tissues and exhales waste products such as carbon dioxide. Let’s make our model to see how it works!



Things you will need:


  1. Plastic bottle

  2. A straw

  3. An elastic band

  4. Scissors

  5. 2 balloons

  6. Playdough




  1. Ask an adult to cut out the bottom of your bottle

  2. Tie a knot in one end of a balloon and snip off the top part.

  3. Stretch it around the bottom of your plastic bottle

  4. Put a straw into the neck of the other balloon and secure it tightly with the elastic band but not so tightly that it crushes the straw

  5. Put the straw and the balloon into the neck of the bottle and secure with the playdough making a seal around the bottle (make sure that again, you don’t crush straw)
  6. Hold the bottle and pull the knot of the balloon at the bottom and watch what happens. You will find that the balloon inside the bottle inflates, and as you let go it deflates. This is how our lungs work!

Fake Flung


Picture Credit: craftymorning.com