India’s biggest festival is approaching swiftly. As usual, we all plan to celebrate it with great fervour and enthusiasm. Diwali, for most of us, is an occasion for happiness and togetherness. However, there is another, not-so-bright side to it - the chaos, which our moms can easily relate to.

Check out these moments which are only too real and show the other side of a typical Diwali.

  1. That moment when they are faced with fabulous DIWALI OFFERS and can’t help from grabbing them!



     2.  That moment when they realize they have to clean the whole house all by themselves!



     3. That moment when they are on a diet and offered all their favourite food, BUT can’t touch it..!*Sigh*



 4. That moment when their kid run bicycle over the Rangoli and ruins it... OWWW!




All this chaos aside, moms are super happy when everyone is festive and pumped up. Cheers to all the moms. We love them a lot, don’t you? :)


Have a happy and safe Diwali to all!