In the year 2014, parts of India were lighted by the celebrations of the victory of Narendra Modi as our prime minister.  The heartwarming welcome to the “ache din” seemed to be a remedy; a cure to every disease part of this country. Such was the power of the manifestation of our “ache din”. One cannot assure whether the Indian population, in reality, hugged their good days or not. But Anie Ribu Joshi, a class 10th student of Sacred Heart Convent Girl’s Higher Secondary School, Thrissur, Kerala is looking forward to “ache din” with her vision of eradicating the drug mafia’s from the country. The poor girl, at a tender age of four years, lost her father, to liver cirrhosis as he was an alcohol addict. In an interview to international business times, the girl said, “The death of my father when I was four, made me takes an unbreakable vow to protest and speak against smoke, alcohol, and drugs.” And hence, as she is mature enough now; she has taken up a vow to save her country from the ill effects of drugs. 

Recently, there have been many frequent letters recorded that were sent to our PM Modi. Most of these letters were related to social issues, some demanded women empowerment, other hailed for justice. And following the trail, the letter of this 15-year-old is another adds on! 

While the adults are busy and trapped in their materialistic world, Anie has planned and is ready to fight against the establishments of drug mafias in our country. She believes in the idea of a healthy and prosperous economy, which is only possible if our fellow Indians are living in a healthy state. Quoting the invoiced feelings of the girl, “You once said that if every citizen of the nation is healthy, the nation will be healthy. And do you still think that our country will be healthy with all these drug mafias around?” her questioning to Modi actually symbolizes her utter determination towards her aim of living in a drug-free India. And presently Punjab really is in an emergent need for such kind of support and determination. But the healthy India will surely include healthy Punjab if we talk in optimistic terms.

Whereas in Kerala, Anie is herself working and taking a step forward with her anti-drug project named Fortune-S with 500 students and parents. One of the boons of social media is that it provides an outreach to the millions of people sitting at distant parts of the earth. And hence, the team members of Fortune-S use social media to share their ideas and beliefs. The 15-year-old teenager introduces us to her hard work as, “For the students, of the students, by the students, we introduce you Fortune-S, an anti-drug education mission. Let this end with us. Let us stop using alcohol, smoke and drugs for a better world and better future.”

The most intriguing part of her media letter is her words that challenge the PM. For sure, she has faith in her political superhero, Narender Modi and thus, puts forward a challenge for him to eradicate drug mafia. As the girl said,” I challenge you Modi Ji, I challenge you,” These were her determined wordings which had actually inspired the Indian population. Her thoughts and actions have left a message for us to understand that it’s actually high time to quit drugs! Therefore, one must say no to drugs now!


About the author:

Bani Simar Kaur is our blog writer, who is extremely passionate about gaining and exploring new paths of knowledge. She has a keen interest in understanding the Socio-Political structure of this country. Working for the Society and environmental issues are the key points of this aspiring successful women.