10 Best Prams For Babies In India – 2020 Reviews

Baby prams or baby strollers are trolleys designed to carry a baby safely, soundly and conveniently. They are a boon for the parents and also an update to their existing baby gear. From going to the park for a walk, traveling with the toddler all around the world, baby prams made it easy for the parents to take care of their babies well.

Because while on the run around a new city, you don’t have to find a private place to change diapers, and it does not take much time to take the diapers from the big loaded bag of baby essentials. Everything that you need will be right there in the baby prams as the seat can be reclined to clear the old diaper and the new diaper will be in the reachable distance just under the baby carriage.

Babies are the most beautiful creature on earth till now. Though they scream their heart out during their needy times, the pain disappears when they look at us and giggle for a second. Well, we can try our best to keep up their comfort and happiness. A tiny solution towards that aim is the baby prams.

Here are the 10 best prams for babies in India to ease your search for the best out of best for your beautiful baby that has all the features mentioned below.

1. R for Rabbit Pocket Stroller Lite

This is the safest and one of the best prams for babies out of all. The Pocket Stroller Lite is EN 1888 Certified, which is the most powerful certification set by European standards for the safety of Babies and Toddler in the strollers.

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The stroller can be folded down to a small trolley which can fit any size of trunk in your car, flight or train. It is easy to fold down to the trolley size that you will get used to in no time. Especially in air travel, it is suitable to be check-in luggage.

The pocket lite stroller has a perfectly balanced lightweight steel metal frame. The stroller is strong as well as light with just 6.6 kgs of net weight. And, front wheels come with suspension so that our cute angels can have their ride smooth and fun. The baby pram is fitted with the best suspension not to feel a thing on Indian roads.

It has all the features – Bumper bar, braking system, wheel locks, protective water-resistant head-cover and material all over the metal frame, safety crotch/tether strap, footrest, and a spacious storage facility below the baby seat. The R for Rabbit Pocket Stroller lite costs around Rs. 6000 in total. It seems to be very popular from the reviews and the number of former buyers.

what we love

  • No Installation is needed after the purchase.
  • Very lightweight and compact enough to fit in the overhead cabin of flights and trains.

what we don’t love

  • Turning along the narrow streets is quite tricky with the baby inside.
  • A mosquito net is not available. It has to be bought separately and installed in the stroller.

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2. LuvLap Galaxy Baby Stroller

LuvLap Galaxy Stroller is one of the best strollers for baby, which is European Standard EN 1888 certified with all the child safety measures taken. The stroller is collapsible single-handedly. The mother alone can fold and unfold the stroller effortlessly.

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It also has a solid body frame with the water-resistant material used all over the body. The stroller is extra-spacious, allowing our little ones to move around with the tether safety strap on. With the strap on, your baby can have a small party by themselves and still be secured in their place inside the carriage.

Just to protect your baby’s skin and give him a warm nap during your day out, there is an extended double layer head-cover. The canopy is thick enough & has a netted opening at the top, so you can look over your baby every now & then.

This baby pram is the best choice because it has three positions to set your baby’s seat in. It can be reclined backward for sleeping, a little forward for relaxed seating, and upright position to just sit and watch. The wheels are heavy-duty ones and can also rotate in 360 degrees. It can be locked with a swivel lock during the break from the walk or while choosing the right product at the shopping mall.

The front and the rear wheels have the best link brakes. While on the run back to the car or home, you can have your braking system for rescue. With the spacious seating comes the large footrest for the tiny beautiful legs. The wide footrest can be adjusted according to how comfortable your baby is. It mostly depends on the height and weight of our babies. With all these features, the stroller can hold up to a maximum weight of 15 kilograms. This implies, your baby can ride it until he/she turns 3. That’s a jackpot here. The whole stroller body weighs around 13 kgs.

what we love

  • Long-lasting, durable, and comfortable stroller.
  • It can carry more weight.
  • Amazing Customer Support

what we don’t love

  • Assembling and installing the whole body is a bit tricky.
  • Build quality is not satisfactory.
  • No replacements for broken parts

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3. Little Pumpkin Pram For Baby

Little Pumpkin Baby Stroller is a feather-like weighed carriage with decent wheels. It is certified with European Standards EN 1888, for it meets the safe and secure guidelines for your baby. As the whole body of the stroller only weighs around 4 kilograms, it is quite easy to fold and manage.

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You simply have to pull the holding bar up until you hear the click sound. The handlebars are quite firm that it gives an excellent grip while folding, unfolding, walking, so on. The cute babies can be carried around in the most comfortable sitting position provided in the stroller.

This could be the ideal choice for any parent who needs a featherweight pram for baby. The stroller is designed for very light use only. It will be advised against using it on Indian roads or sidewalks. The whole package costs only Rs. 1, 998. It fits right into your budget and also has a quite firm body for a short walk around the park.

what we love

  • Double-layer coated canopy available to protect the baby in all types of season.
  • With you being busy attending to your baby, this stroller offers a user-friendly system to ease your baby’s life.
  • Worthy product for the money spent.

what we don’t love

  • The stroller cannot carry the maximum 15 kg of weight while most of the strollers have a limit of 15 kg at max.
  • Except for a belt over your baby’s hip, there are no other safety straps for the baby to lock down to the position correctly.

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4. Little Pumpkin Kiddie Kingdom Baby Pram

Little Pumpkin Kiddie Kingdom baby stroller is one of the best baby strollers suitable for Indian terrains. The baby can sit in its carriage and just be entirely safe and comfortable to enjoy the busy streets of India at ease. This baby stroller is known to be Mom-Friendly.

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It indicates that it is a compact and lightweight stroller. In addition to the former, it has an easy fold mechanism. All you mothers have to do is push the bar below with your hand or, if you are holding the baby, you can just try your foot too. The stroller jumps up to its fullest position right at it.

The baby carriage can be changed into three different positions. Also, the method to change the positions is simple to do. The positions are – sitting, relaxed seating with a little pushback, and sleeping. With this feature, the stroller is valid and ready anytime for long travels.

The handlebar to drag around can be changed position between rear and front. The reversible handlebar is a necessity to watch your baby over when needed. When the handlebar is pushed forward, the baby can be carried around from the front. Isn’t it nice for your baby to look at you and feel safe all the time? The baby pram has a firm enough metal frame with water-resistant material draped around to carry babies safe and sound.

what we love

  • The maximum weight recommendation for this stroller is up to 20 kilograms. Enabling the usage longer than the other stroller until the baby turns 4 or 5 years.
  • With all the features, the stroller only weighs 8 kilograms. It is featherweight to take babies around comfortably.

what we don’t love

  • The stroller does not have any cushions or layers inside for the baby to sit comfortably.
  • The folding and unfolding is still a problem in the stroller, taking up some strength and time to do.
  • Build quality is not that great.

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5. LuvLap Tutti Frutti Baby Stroller

The LuvLap stroller scored a 14 point on safety harness for child safety. This baby stroller is more ideal for traveling purposes. The stroller can be easily folded and unfolded on the go. When folded, the handlebar can be used to carry around. It is quite small that it can fit any size of overhead cabin and trunk.

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The wheels are not entirely suitable for Heavy-duty. The front wheels are 360 degrees rotatable. Both the front and rear wheels can be locked with the swivel locking facility. The storage space is behind the baby carriage, and it is not big enough for various things to carry.

The baby pram has a double-layered canopy with a netted looking window to keep an eye on your baby. The stroller can carry up to 15 kilograms of maximum weight where itself weighs around 17 kilograms.

what we don’t love

  • Adorable design on a compact-sized stroller.
  • The control in the wheels is excellent.
  • The material around the metal frame is easy to clean.

what we don’t love

  • It is not always manageable with a baby on the run always.
  • The storage basket could be larger.
  • There is no footrest for the baby to sit comfortably.

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6. LuvLap Starshine Stroller Baby Pram

The LuvLap Starshine stroller has a firm metal body with easily-washable cushion and material covered over it. It also has the safety belt to hold down the baby inside the stroller in the right position. Unlike the other baby strollers, the soft cushions are detachable.

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The handlebar is reversible; that is, it can be moved and fixed in the back and the front. It is the sweetest feature as you can look at your beautiful baby while the babies are taking their sound sleep on the road trip. And, when the bar is attached at the back, there is a netted looking window in the thick canopy.

The wheels can rotate all 360 degrees, which move the wheels easy on narrow turns. The swivel breaks along with locks are installed in the front & the rear wheels for the safety of the baby. The storage basket is only available in the form of a back pocket. It is not big, but quite compact to carry the necessary things around. The whole firm body can carry up to 15 kilograms, and it weighs around only 9 kilograms.

what we love

  • Installation of the baby pram can be done effortlessly.
  • Babies will not feel anything from the road as the wheels are intact.

what we don’t love

  • The supplied manual is not detailed enough
  • Build quality is not up to the mark.

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7. R for Rabbit Twinkle Twinkle Baby Stroller

The Twinkle twinkle baby stroller is a European standard qualified product under EN 1888. It indicates that the stroller is one of the strongest and safest models for the babies to enjoy going around.

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To fold the stroller into a compact size, pull your foot up, so the handle unlocks, and the stroller will fold down in a clasp. This can be done with just one hand or even one foot. Exceptionally, there are four positions with three different positions for your leg in this stroller for the baby to enjoy in comfortable seating.

This baby pram achieved a 5-point safety harness under child safety for baby usage. With the slightest body that weighs only 7.24 kg, a mother alone can handle the whole set by herself.
The stroller can carry a maximum weight of 20 kgs around. That is, the stroller can be used for the baby until it turns 4/5 years old.

what we love

  • Durable and long-lasting stroller
  • The whole body, along with the wheels are quite strong
  • Nice reclining positions with a good safety harness.

what we don’t love

  • Average Build quality
  • Not worth the money
  • Wheels are not aligned properly

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8. LuvLap Joy Baby Stroller

The Joy baby stroller earned a 5-point safety harness for a safe and secure ride for the child in the stroller. The stroller is quite compact, and it can be easily handled in a single hand.

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The handlebar is reversible so that you can face your baby and entertain them while on a walk. When the handlebar is fixed in front, there is a netted looking window to check in the double-layered canopy constantly on your baby. The baby seat can be reclined in three different protected positions for the baby’s mood and comfort. And the maximum weight that can be carried in the carriage is only 15 kilograms.

The cushions are a catch, and they are detachable and washable. They also come with extra padding so that the baby feels the softness of the well-cushioned metal body. The footrest is adjustable according to the baby’s needs and requirements. Along with the cushions, the food tray is also detachable. The storage basket is quite big to hold all the things, and it is situated under the baby carriage.

what we love

  • Notably safe for the babies to be carried around.
  • The back wheels come with a strong braking system.

what we don’t love

  • Assembling and installing the stroller is a challenge.
  • The folding mechanism is quite tight

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9. LuvLap City Pram For Baby

The LuvLap city baby stroller is a compact, easy-fold stroller. It is ideal for traveling around with toddlers. It also has a 5-point safety harness for the baby’s safe and unharmed usage.

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The double-layered canopy can be extended a little forward so that even when it is rainy or too sunny, the little hearts can be protected well. And it also has a netted looking window which is closed with a Velcro. The front wheels can move and rotate all along the 360 degrees with the swivel lock for safety ends. The rear wheels are provided with a strong braking system to the rescue.

The storage basket is available just below the footrest, and it has enough space to store all the essential items. Also, the footrest comes with adjustable leg support to keep the babies cosy. The whole carriage can carry up to 15 kilograms while it weighs merely 7. 44 kilograms.

what we love

  • Fabulous Build quality.
  • A valued product for the money spent.

what we don’t love

  • The stroller is a bit smaller
  • Wheels are compatible with the Indian roads.

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10. LuvLap Sunshine Stroller

The LuvLap Sunshine stroller is great for both young babies and toddlers. It is recommended for babies aged 0-36 months and has a weight capacity of 20 kilograms. It prioritizes safety through its 5-point harness equipped with shoulder pads, and a padded armrest.

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The easy-shift reversible handlebar allows bonding and interaction with the baby. See your baby’s face whenever he is facing forward through the looking window feature on the double-layered retractable canopy. It also comes with a detachable and washable cushioned seat, 3-position seat recline, and adjustable footrest. These keep your baby comfortable in whenever sitting, resting, and even sleeping.

The frame of the stroller is durable. It easily opens and closes even when the parent is using only one hand. Store and transport the stroller conveniently when folded. As for the wheels, the ones in front comes with the option for straight or 360 degrees swivel direction. The rear wheels, on the other hand, have secure breaks to avoid unnecessary movement. This stroller comes with a large storage basket at the bottom and a pocket at the back of the canopy for you and your baby’s needs.

what we love

  • Has a higher age and weight capacity
  • Quick and convenient assembly
  • Safe, secure, and comfortable

what we don’t love

  • Poor quality of mosquito net
  • Does not include a feeding tray
  • Wheels are difficult to maneuver

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Why Does Someone Need Baby Strollers?

Many parents need the product because it is tough to juggle between a baby, its needs, and the falling roof to keep up with – this gives rise in the need of having the best baby Prams.

Sometimes, the baby is safer and happier in the baby pram because all its need is a toy to be curious about and play with. That facility can be provided with the permanent toy holder in the stroller. When the parents are away for a minute to grab something, the baby has to be kept secure and entertained.

With the recline positions, safety straps with comfortable footrests, wheel braking system, the beautiful baby can be kept busy until you finish your daily to-do task.

Characteristics To Look For While Buying Baby Prams

When you buy a baby pram, many points need to be seen and specific features to be kept in mind. Usually, we prefer to carry our babies with us and sometimes just take them out casually in any baby pram

However, while taking them out for a walk, or a grocery run, a family event, the baby pram needs to accustom various features to fit our babies in. This is because babies need to feel comfortable and, most importantly, they should not feel the fear to sit or sleep in it while we, parents, are busy with the daily to-do tasks.

You may have to ask yourself questions like How long is my baby going to use it? In what will my baby feel comfortable? What are the regular places I will take my baby in the baby pram? Which are the best baby strollers? Plus, these modern strollers show off too many attributes to confuse us more than we are. Worry no more, here are some of the essential features to check before you start liking a stroller that might not suit your environment and needs.

Go for light-weighted prams

Choose a light-weighted baby pram, so that it is not hard dragging it out. Plus, with the baby’s weight added-on, even the light-weighted stroller might seem a little tough to carry around.

Sturdy metal frame to hold our babies right in it

The stroller has to be light-weighted and also must have a sturdy metal frame. Strollers can only be used after babies turn 6+ months old. Thus, no matter how much your baby weighs, the stroller should withhold your baby in the right position. The body cannot be so light-weighted that it can’t even hold the baby’s weight. Usually, baby strollers must be able to carry around your baby until the age of 4.

Wheels need to be locked

When you are at a pause during your walk or grocery run, the wheels should be locked. Even when our baby thinks it’s the playtime, the baby pram will stay in one place until you get back on track.

Reclining seat for a quick nap

Babies are angels when they are asleep rather than screaming their hearts out for a bottle of milk or a sparkly toy. The seat the baby’s in should be able to recline backward and turn into a bed for our baby to have a quick nap and give us a break from the constant love. Naturally, the continual drag around becomes a lullaby to babies.

Water-resistant fabric at the top

There are moments even the mothers like us who love our baby unconditionally, make a mistake on the go. It is always safe to have a water-resistant fabric all around the metal frame. Or, if it rains suddenly, the baby can be protected while we have to rush back into the car with them.

Safety crouch/tether strap

A baby stroller should have two straps to keep up the safety. A primary strap is a strap that goes upon the shoulder, while the other one covers the hip, both of them get locked in a click-lock in the middle of the baby seat.

Although babies sit right up with no struggle, those sweet little munchkins will swipe down their footrest, thinking it’s a slide. The strollers should have a strap in between the legs. The strap will be connecting the seat and the food tray. Make sure there is a strap for the upper body also.

Protective head-cover

There are going to be days which will be sunny, or windy. The flawless skin of our babies must be covered enough from falling right into the sun. Also, vitamin D in the sun is vital in many aspects of our babies’ growth. It is better to have a netted peeped hole with a protective head-cover in the baby pram

Large wheels to feel less

Bigger the wheels, lesser the baby feels the bumps on the regular streets and roads. Baby’s neck and backbone are so fragile that even a small bump will give them tons of pain. Make sure to choose that the wheels of the baby stroller are large enough, not uncomfortable though.

Footrest for the tiny legs

It is always best to make our baby feel comfortable. With the footrest, our baby can just comfortably sit and relax.

Facility to attach toys and hold the baby stuff

We are always on the run for the diaper, wipes, and toys to keep our babies happy and healthy. What if it is stored right below the baby seat, and you can do the work more easily? Make sure there is a basket below the seat in the baby pram so that you can just reach down to get it.

The braking system for the wheels

Parks are filled with slopes. And, it is easier to slope into the market than lifting the whole stroller with the baby in it. While on slopes, it would be safer to have some braking mechanism in the baby pram. Check or ask for it before you buy it.

Bumper bar to protect

The bumper bar is also called a belly bar. It is an add-on for the safety measures that must be in your stroller for your little ones. Your little ones can be held back in the seat, also, can be played, squeezed, or maybe try biting.

Types of Baby Strollers Available In the Indian Market

To choose one type out of it, you should know for what exactly are you going to use the stroller, to where are you going to take your baby regularly? Once you figured the answers for it, you will be able to choose one from the below-

  1. Full-size Strollers: Full-size baby strollers are the whole package every mom needs in India. It is collapsible in such a way that it can turn into a safe car seat for your baby and, without having to pick your baby out of the straps, the car seat can be converted into a stroller to start moving. Well, with my babies onto my hair and throat, I will surely go for this. The other one is that it has plenty of storage space that you can put all your baby’s needs and wants in it – from the tiny toys to diapers, wipes, snacks, milk bottles, and whatnot
  2. Umbrella Strollers: Umbrella strollers are the light-weighted ones. As the name sounds, it sure can fold like an umbrella and fit right into my smallest trunk of my car. However, it is not as strong as the full-size baby pram. I am sure as a mother; it won’t keep my baby intact in it.
  3. Jogging Strollers: Here it is, the jogging strollers are the ones in which you can take your baby out for a run. It is quite famous for its increased stability and shock absorption. Babies can enjoy quite delightful views while you are jogging. Again, this jogging baby pram is a jackpot as we, the parents after the postpartum, can stay in shape; also, the babies can enjoy their day out.
  4. Double Strollers: Having multiple kids at home, a double stroller for me, is a lifesaver! Because there are times when your 2-year-old kid has to walk as you have to carry your 6-month baby in the kid’s formerly owned stroller. With Double stroller, you can both the infant and the toddler in the same carriage. You can either put them side by side or if you find them to go out on a fight, just put one back of the other and end it.

Final Words

Baby strollers are the essential accessory among all the others when the baby has grown enough to go out and feel the worldly things. And, the babies stay sensitive and soft for a very long time. Anything that goes against the law of babies cannot be afforded, even at the lowest price. Never buy the cheapest stroller without checking the basic qualities of it. 

Always go for a black coloured stroller. Because any other colour will start revealing the dirt that accumulates in the scratches and corners. The baby products must be kept clean and safe. We analyse a small, petty thing a million times before we do something for the baby. However, there will be at least one percent of the chance to go wrong. It is always better to go through the old reviews while looking for the best baby strollers in india

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